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OK, this is AgentDolly. For all you who might know, I have an an account on Fanfiction, which is the main reason why I made this website. But, I also made for fun.

Here are the rules that you gotta follow if you want to join.

1) No cussing. Come on, people, you know better. We want this website for people of ALL ages.

2) No offending other people. We want to make the web a better world!

3) No bothering, get the idea.

4) No inappropriate pictures. This will have an immediate removal of your account.

5) Just follow netiquette, you know what to do.....

Your Account:

1) Will have suspension for a certain time depending on the seriousness of your offense.

2) Will have a removal of your account if your offense is too much.


1) If an entry or item that you post does not belong to you, then place a disclaimer. Otherwise, this can lead to copyright issues.

Updated as of 3/13/14.