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Main » 2014 » March » 13 » WELCOME!
11:19 PM

Hey, it's AgentDolly! Yes, I seriously updated my website. We added more stories, so check it out in the link:


Time Travel & I Don't Work:

Updates/General News: Ok, so I really, really, liked the story at first. But now I'm not sure. I pretty much rushed through everything. I handed the story to Meadow, and she said she'd work on it over the summer, but she ditched it after starting her own story. She said she's lost inspiration. :(. She promised she would update, but I guess not. But I promise, I'll start updating it A.S.A.P. I'll never abandon a story after a few months. See, I've also been losing inspiration because of lack of reviews. But like I said, I'll try to get a chapter in. I've been running out of ideas, and I think Meadow has you saw the last chapter. 'Remembering the Past...' I was like 0_o. Seriously?

Summary: The Golden Trio go back in time. RonxHermione, HarryxGinny, JamesxLily, RemusxOC, SiriusxOC, PeterxMarlenexOC triangle, SeverusxAmelia. Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. Only the story does, peeps...So don't sue me Rowling...or SEGA! You'll see if you read the story. *Updated 5/23/14* Temporary Hiatus

Fandom: Harry Potter

A Fresh Start:

Updates/General News: Ok, so this one I have a load of inspiration. I'll immediately come back to updating it after the summer. I've been extremely disappointed because of the lack of reviews, but it's hilarious. To me, anyway. Like Time Travel & I Don't Work, I'm going to go back to old chapters and fix some mistakes, etc. I've noticed the first chapter and second chapter were the same for some reason, so I fixed that problem. I'm also deciding to make it Shadamy or Sonamy...I handed the poll over to Meadow, but it looks like she's not done yet.

Summary: AU. Sonamy (still deciding to possibly change the roles of Shadow and Sonic, making it Shadamy), Knuxouge, Silvaze, Tailream, and other couples. Amy, the famous lawyer, and her partner and best friend Knuckles not only have to navigate their career, but also their friends and love life. Just updated 5/10/14, usually update every 2 weeks. THREE MONTH HIATUS FOR THE SUMMER.

Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog

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3 AgentDolly   [Entry]

2 MeadowHasCome   [Entry]
HI GUYS! New story up. It's called Collecting the Pieces. It's a ShadAmy, so I bet you guys will like that!

1 AgentDolly   [Entry]
And a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic...A Fresh Start. salute1

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